Youth And Women Business In Tech

Empowering the Future

The Impact of COVID-19 on South African Small Businesses

Discover how South African small businesses navigated the economic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn about their innovative strategies, the shift to digital platforms, and how they tackled the load shedding crisis. Dive into the role of digital transformation in opening new opportunities in e-commerce and tech sectors.

YAWBIT 2022-2023:

A Year of Triumphs

businesses empowered


Digital training excellence

Entrepreneurial growth

Business model innovation

Networking and Collaboration

Recruitment Insights:

Fostering Growth and Innovation


Businesses that thrived against odds

Survival to Recovery Phase


Businesses scaling new heights

Growth Phase Dynamics


Businesses that thrived against odds

Empowering Diversity

Survival to recovery

Programme Intervention

Coaching and mentoring (Engage and Diagnoses) – 1 month

Business site visits - Creating business development plans based on the reality on the group. Identify possible areas for funding

Business Canvas Model Training (1 Month)

Focus of the training on:
• Financial Management for resilience • Revisiting the business models and identifying new revenue opportunities • Exploring Technology Business models such as the Uber Model • Monthly tracking of business status through follow ups

Recruitment and Selection (2 months)

Recruit Use Facebook and Instagram. • Recruit from COJ and COE database • Select Qualifying businesses • Diagnosis of Selected Businesses • Baseline tracking of the business status

Coaching and Mentoring (Plan) – 1 month

Plan together with the Entrepreneurs on implementation of the new strategies • Webinar on Product Diversification, Intellectual Property and Sales and Pitching • Solidify Strategies with the business mentor • Apply for grant financing

Coaching and Mentoring (Act) – 4 months

Webinar on Technology Industry Trends • Move into actioning the plan and monitor progress and report on results. • Do a post diagnosis to check business improvement and impact areas



Mamello Mofokeng

Wow, words can’t even describe the transformation that our business has incurred ever since joining the YAWBIT program. We have incurred a tremendous amount of growth. We have gained so much valuable information and insight. As someone who has been a part of different business development programs, this is by FAAAAAAR the most practical and effective way to grow your business. Everything we do reflects in how we work as a business, with great insight on how to further develop and grow as a business. We have an AMAZING mentor who constantly pushes us to take things to the next level. This is the best program! Honestly, this is really an amazing opportunity, and I am truly thankful to be a part of it.

Thandeka Lukhele

So far the Youth and Women in Tech program has been phenomenal. From the material and value being shared to the way our business Coach (Coach Scelo) as went above and beyond for us. This journey has shaped and molded Te Amo Properties in an amazing way. We've been in the program for a little over a month and I can't wait to see the impact the program will have. Thank you so much to everyone within the program and for making this program possible.

Mankhedi Designation

My goal is to become the best in business analysis and learn in-demand industry skills to apply in the real world. With these few weeks on the program, I see a lot of improvement personally and in my business. I am looking forward to learning more and apply what I've learned in my business. I am very thankful and feel very blessed to be in this program.

Basetsane Marcia Mohale

From the first time being given the opportunity to be a part of the program I've taken a lot of knowledge, guidance and lessons which I'd look back and say if it wasn't for YAWBIT, I would have not known this much. It's an amazing experience and I'm looking forward to learn even more.

Lebogang Mabula

Yawbit programme is doing more then i expected. It is the programme that is really needed for business like mine or small businesses that Are willing to learn and grow. Quality training and everything of it is the best.